We work in detecting talents earlier, where we cooperate with Abdullah Ben Mohammed Al-Rashid group for security guards in a strong cooperation with universities and professional institutes to be sure that its curriculums are suitable with our requirements. We also give the chance to employees to continue their training while on duty to acquire necessary skills and qualification to be prompted in professional grade. This enabling us to conserve the talented employees as well as conserving the position of the establishment among its clients and competitors in marketplace. Abdullah Ben Mohammed Al-Rashid Est. for Security Guards undertakes to develop is employees’ capabilities and open the way of professional promotion to them. The establishment has adopted an active program for continuous education and transferring experiences, including training while on duty,  to provide the chance to employees to acquire new skills. We encourage Saudi employees to continue their studies and specialization through establishment’s plans, and Saudi universities and institutes are helping us by providing suitable training for work. Also we are always seeking for the best employees where we supported by the council of developing leaders that followed to our establishment in choosing and evaluating next generation of leaders. We are sponsoring every employee’s future who is working with us in Abdullah Ben Mohammed Al-Rashid Est.