The workers in Abdullah Ben Mohammed Al-Rashid Est. for Security guards

The success that gained by the establishment is returned to its employees and workers. A group of qualified personnel from both male and female categories are working in the establishment. This returns to those employees, after the Almighty of Allah. In gaining the requirements of the customers in more than one establishment within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia . in various and rapid growth security fields we cannot take the risk by losing any of the skilled labors, subsequently, we have to enhance our human talents. We are adopting a security culture that encouraging creativity, innovation and professional development. We think that any employee has the abilities that enabling him to add something to the establishment, and we are seriously seeking to give the opportunity to each employee to confirm himself, with giving a competitive rewards and incentives for them. At the time in which the establishment is proud with its multinational trainers to train their employees, we are proud of our heritage and believe that it is our duty to help our country in development and advance. From this point , we are continuing to attract Saudi employees and qualify them especially in technical and security professions.